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Comment Rolex Submariner Rolex Series calendar watch 116610LN

The Rolex 116610LN “Blackwater ghost” watch uses through COSC 3135 movement, talking about the 3135 movement, it is meaningful for the purposes of Rolex, launched in 1988, known as the king of the Rolex movement . This title is not out of thin air, Rolex movement and not much achievements, the main achievement is that some parts. The 3135 Rolex is one of the few self-produced movement, and still in use today, no major changes done during maintained the original flavor. 3135 movement of the balance wheel trim has two screws, the balance wheel swings, and applied Breguet balance spring and Rolex patents paramagnetic blue gossamer, improve resistance to external oscillation system crashing capacity and magnetic properties, while in the swing wheel shock absorbers KIF applied, compared to the most widely recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers, it is more of a directional stability, and balance cock is applied to the bridge design with two screws, do the best solid effect. 28.5 mm diameter, 6.00 mm thick, the overall feeling is a little heavy, but internal grinding or praiseworthy.

Overall, the 3135 Rolex movement is proud of an automatic movement, stable performance, anti-magnetic anti-collision ability, is applied more a Rolex movement.


All in all, 116610LN continuation of the Rolex watch Submariner watches classic elements, but the most important is that it uses a classic black and white dial, hardwearing and durable stainless steel bracelet and Rolex are proud of using the machine 3135 core, so watch not only look beautiful, but absolutely solid performance for the general population. “Traditional Rolex Oyster shell on it the perfect show, ceramic bezel, and three defenses of the case,Replica watches cheap omega let it feel the external stimuli, and to ensure that the movement of the operating environment. Blackwater ghost” Unlike green water ghost is so fashionable, it only classic and understated, this is definitely a labor of labor beloved fans choice. And compared to the green ghost is concerned, not only nigga wild, but the difficulty is not so high, the price is slightly lower, is indeed a good day with the table.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ – 216570

May 29, 1953, New Zealand explorer successful ascent top of the world, to reach the altitude of 8844 meters of the summit of Mount Everest, the same year, Rolex is a tribute to the spirit of adventure, the formal launch explorer watches. 18 years later, Rolex conquering more dangerous environment, the introduction of a set of precise timing, strong, constant movement in one of the explorers Ⅱ. Today, Rolex Oyster Perpetual explorer Ⅱ already have embraced choice for adventurous people.

Appearance / Materials

Rolex Explorer watch Ⅱ216570 nickel alloy 904L stainless steel Oyster case, stainless steel case compared to generally more resistant to corrosion, wear-resistant, but not as a special expedition watch, if the additional ion plating layer should be even better. best replica watches uk Watch mirror with wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, mirror on the table calendar window has a drop-type magnifier 2.5 times, which is a major feature of their Rolex watch. The dial is 42 mm large dial white paint finish and equipped with chromalight luminous pointer and scale mark at night will emit a long period of blue, orange and also equipped with 12-hour independent pointer, giving the wearer a clear reduction time to read the face plate. After reading the surface, look at the back of the probe Ⅱ216570 Rolex watch with screw cap stainless steel table, giving movement with strict protection. Connecting the whole wristwatch, natural and ultimately 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet, Rolex bracelet is divided into type and Heads Oyster bracelet, the money is for Oyster commemorate watchband. Placed in the table to bring the patented Rolex Oyster clasp, table wear easy to tune with links extending system, malleable strap 20 mm, even when worn on the outside of the diving suit also ease.

Rolex explorer Ⅱ216570 create professional polar explorer watch, all of its appearance corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel build, and with a wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, giving maximum protection movement. Disk and classic black and white colors with the pointer, greatly improve the legibility of the time, it is also a classic look chic, graceful, independent and orange pointers a second time zone indication other than functions, but also for the dial adds a little vigor. 24-hour fixed bezel bidirectional rotating bezel scale, above the black concave 24 hours scale progressive order. Overall appearance showed a strong spirit of adventure and courage and fear steep vitality.