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Labor Shimi color week Datejust watches, elegant gentleman wind

Before the opening, would like to quote from the “Zhuangzi Hill Wood •”, then “Junzaizhijiao light is like villain at the turn of sweet wine if willing.” That phrase had a lot of people dating criteria, that is the gentleman’s friendship indifferent to water, but can be profound feelings. I believe that here, you have already guessed what I want to say a Rolex watch meeting point and make friends, and yes, that is “light.” Light, simple to say than done, is indifferent to how many ages Mystics, chivalrous gentleman respected, in simple words is to get affordable, let go. Rolex 218,239 gave me a feeling, as if indifferent gentleman-like and simple.


Appearance / Materials



Rolex Datejust week 218239-83219 watch case with 18ct white gold material, gold has always been popular, the jewelery and watch one of the commonly used material, the clear bright metallic color full of texture, reflecting handsome men temperament. The platinum material to build, in addition to the crown and case, there is the Rolex unique triangular grooved outer ring, triangular grooved outer ring is one of Rolex very identity of the design, it is convenient early triangular grooved the spin on the outer case with a waterproof use, the outer cover and table of Twist pattern is the same function, now triangular grooved purely aesthetic elements to watch, but with a classic Rolex historical heritage. In addition, the week Rolex Datejust 218239 Rolex watch strap is the most representative of one of the two bracelet design – Heads watchband, compared to alternative design – Oyster bracelet, watchband is head of state Rolex Day-Date specially designed links shorter and more rounded, highlighting the unique taste. Disk inlaid with Roman numerals, rhyme still exist.

Features a Rolex watch is 218,239: beige dial. Beige similar to white, a color is very elegant, is a common one not dial colors. Beige is often used in high-style products which are purely synonymous. For men, it can be loving beige must be indifferent person.



Rolex Day-Date watch comes with all the same features – the week and calendar display, calendar display is double, which is a unique symbol of this series, 218239-83219 watch is no exception. Series was born in 2008, the tradition of excellence the traditional first week Datejust watch, in addition to a double calendar outside, you can select multiple languages. Location week Rolex Datejust watch is the world’s leading dignitaries, and its function is simple, but has a calendar instantaneous jump mechanism can be achieved within a few seconds to midnight instantaneous calendar change for the wearer to provide the most reliable calendar display.

Rolex watches have always been a reliable and trusted features waterproof performance and human praise. Rolex Day-Date as a sub-series, also we need the concept of Rolex watchmaking tradition, so the 218,239 watch has 100 meters of water resistance, even swimming and shallow diving fearless.

Rolex convex lens Large calendar window is also a major feature of its functions on the drop-type lens has a 2.5x zoom effect, make a small calendar can be more clearly shown.

Functionally, Rolex 218239-83219 watch the same features in a simple and practical interpretation of the elegant gentleman wind.



Rolex Day-Date 218 239 3156 watch with automatic winding mechanical movement, the movement to movement based on ETA 2836-2 movement, the other with Rolex’s patented paramagnetic blue Parachrom gossamer, gossamer Parachrom seismic strength than ordinary gossamer more than 10 times, and Paraflex cushioning system, so that one of the core parts of the Rolex movement is more durable and stable, which is why Rolex movement will be more practical than other reasons the movement system oscillations. ETA 2836-2 movement double calendar calendar two kinds of single, not in the high-end Swiss movement movement, but after Rolex restructuring of its key parts, add some independent members, this will make it more stable performance excellence.


218239-83219 Rolex Day-Date watch very popular in the market, heads of type strap, beige pure color dial, Roman numerals, double calendar, triangular grooved bezel …… Rolex series of classic elements, so The watch distinctive. The function is to uphold the Rolex watchmaking tradition: excellent waterproof performance, steady walk, unique convex lens calendar display. To create accurate timepiece daily life, its movement with the 3156 automatic movement offers a power reserve of 48 hours, equipped with Rolex’s patented paramagnetic gossamer, seismic intensity is also 10 times the normal gossamer, so watch reliable performance and stability. At the same time, the housing uses a patented Rolex Oyster case structure, which is also a very tight design, you can make more solid water-resistant.

Simple appearance, noble materials, useful features, excellent movement, the common interpretation of the elegant gentleman wind, I believe such a high quality Rolex Datejust watch week, will be selected from one of elegant men’s watch.

Trace the history of Rolex Cellini series describes the origin and watches

in this year (2014) of the Basel Watch Fair, Rolex (Rolex) reinterpreted the Cellini series caused a great sensation, a sudden become a hot topic. Today we bring Cellini named origin and current major watch.

Untitled -2

2014 New Cellini Watch (left to right are Time, Dual Time, Date)

Today’s era has been in a fast changing, but not the only change is the importance of time. Truly understand the importance of time and know how to properly use of their time have been successful. And when it comes to time, it can not be ignored as a top watch manufacturer Rolex (Rolex) watches. Rolex watches is undoubtedly synonymous with elegance, if you are looking for a luxury watch then Rolex watches is undoubtedly your best choice.

Rolex Cellini (Cellini) can be traced back to the earliest history of the 16th century. “Cellini” The word comes from the Italian sculptor Benvenuto Cellini (Benvenuto Cellini), he was on November 3, 1500 was born in Florence, Italy. Benvenuto Cellini has multiple identities: goldsmiths, silversmiths, sculptors, writers and musicians, in addition to a very influential he was during the 16th century Mannerism artists. Mannerism is a style of art,Repilica watches  a complex skill known. He has high artistic talent, even if Throughout the history of art in Italy, few people left out. However, during his lifetime Cellini had killed a total of five people, including his own wife. He was May 13, 1571, died in Italy, was buried in Santissima Annunziata (Santissima Annunziata).

Out of reverence Cellini, Rolex watches in his name to a Cellini series, this series is designed for people to have artistic talent to create, but also get a history chronometer-certified production series watch.


Located in Florence, the statue of Benvenuto Cellini

Cellini watches has been available for years. In many modern Rolex watches, the elegant Cellini looked and Wen Wandian wide Oyster watch that is a favorite tune. I remember years ago I just started to show a friend a Cellini, he is extremely exaggerated expression shouted: “This is the I × Rolex!?” If the representative of the Rolex Oyster watch straight to the generous natures, then Cellini then let us see her seldom reveal elegant art.

Cellini no shortage of classic works in numerous styles. But in terms of the degree of sensation when introduced to the ranking, we believe that the new three year’s new number one, we did not controversial. Before that I had compiled foreign sites article describes these three models, the details can click on the following link to see the title. Today we’ll find out together several previous years, the launch of Cellini classic style.

>> 2014 Rolex Cellini new dress watch Real illustrates <<

● Cellini Prince type

Cellini Prince 5442/5 Type

Cellini Prince watches debut in 1928, once in the late 1940s had shut down for some reason. Prince watches with its avant-garde rectangular shape and excellent timing performance won a good reputation, is considered elegant and outstanding representatives. Watch has five different styles: white gold case with black leather strap and black dial silver, gold case with a brown leather strap and gold dial, gold case with black leather strap and silver godron dial, Platinum case with black leather strap and diamonds dial, eternal rose gold case with black leather strap and decorated with “Rayon Flamme De La Gloire” radiation pattern of the black dial.

Timeless classic Rolex watch for many collectors is very important, the figure above watch equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement, has a very excellent performance, this table through the transparent case back beautiful machine can glance core, but also the only one back through the Rolex watches. Whether it is for formal occasions or casual occasions, it is the perfect choice.


BASKET 5330/9

Cestello Rolex watch is a perfect classic design, with the classic round dial, movable lugs design, stunning sapphire crystal and leather strap. Cestello watch named after the Italian San Frediano church, for those looking for elegant, classic but nice watch people, this is an ideal choice.


DANAOS 4243/9

Danaos perfect luxury watch series watch has fashionable design, dial create a dazzling effect, fashion flavor. And, with sapphire crystal, equipped with unrivaled manual winding movement. Watches are available in white and rose gold watch with brown leather strap and black mother of pearl dial.


Cellinium 5240/6

Cellinium Rolex Cellini is one of the most elegant family inside round watch. Rounded polished bright, 18K platinum steel case comfortable to wear, there is a certain weight, watch slightly smaller, 35 mm table diameter, like a small table diameter but also for the elegant style no resistance to friends, this is definitely one of the preferred.

Trend witnessed eternal charm, Rolex Rolex Oyster watch

Born more than 60 years, Oyster Perpetual series, the global community is popular and very easy to identify people Shiai Mu classics.

潮流见证永恒魅力,Rolex 劳力士蚝式表

Born more than 60 years, Oyster Perpetual series, the global community is popular and very easy to identify people Shiai Mu classics. It can withstand the test of time and tide, it has a timeless charm. In the minds of most people, it has become a work of art.

Rolex long watchmaking tradition and modern technology excellence in Oyster Perpetual series has been fully reflected. In 1926, the world’s first waterproof, dustproof watches – Rolex “Oyster” watch was born. Thereafter, the edge renowned reputation by leaps and bounds. This table is superior quality, regardless of the face of any harsh environment; from the depths of the ocean as well as the amount of Everest peak, tens of degrees below zero by the poles, as well as the Sahara abnormal hot weather, always business as usual. The world’s outstanding athlete love its rugged, reliable explorers trust its artists appreciate its elegance. Rolex Oyster watch, unique personality, easy to wear the crystal surface, furrowed with winding crown, it glance, focusing on the design concept in terms of technology Or, are eternal immortal great masterpieces. Over the years, Rolex has developed a series of extraordinary taste and great features of both the Oyster watch. This classic watch series consists of 3,200 170 kinds of styles and a variety of personalized design choices.

In this latest James Bond series – set with diamonds 36 mm ladies log type, for example, in Oyster watch every detail is a model of witness. It is the most precious metal, with superb performance – accurate, waterproof, automatic chain technology, coupled through the Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC, Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) approved, every production process is full of intentions. 36 mm log-type case elegant, comfortable to wear. Water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), with the first outer ring set with diamonds. Rolex Datejust movement entirely by design, production, and more through the Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC, Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) approved, can save 48 hours of power. Surface not only refined and elegant, but also has a new design. Alternatively with Oyster bracelet with stretch-type links, Oyster buckle or belt buckle to commemorate the crown-type strap, ensure beautiful appearance, comfortable to wear. The new series, carry Rolex watchmaking tradition, this watch with the introduction of female charm design may accompany the ladies at different occasions, enjoy a variety of lifestyle, but also on behalf of women’s self-affirmation and high aesthetic requirements.

The Basel rays extending to the wrist top grade Kam Rolex watch log pearl lady type

Rolex at this year’s Basel Watch Fair on not only the launch of an exciting two-color ceramic ring men’s watch , in female form aspect also introduced some very worth looking forward to the table section, and today I took Rolex today everyone is tasting the new

Basel female form.20150321033908975


A very beautiful woman from a log in the Rolex Series pearl lady’s watch , the official model: 80285.

The new Oyster Perpetual log-type watch ladies pearl, precious materials and the perfect combination of gorgeous gems. Case and bracelet by Rolex casting eternal 18ct rose gold with a 18ct white gold outer ring and bracelet links, and inlaid with dazzling diamonds. Its decorated with black or white mother of pearl on the surface, and gold inlaid pink lotus flower patterns.

Rolex uses only high-quality, reliable sources colorless diamonds outer ring inlaid. Each one is a rigorous inspection Rolex gem identification sector, to ensure that the brand of gem quality four stringent requirements: weight (carat), purity, (clarity), color (colour) and cutting (cut). After screening, cutting and polishing, these diamonds will be referred to a professional master of precious stones processing, so splendid sparkling Rolex watch is between the wearer’s wrist to bring the perfect embellishment.

Case diameter is 29 mm, just to fit women who wrists. Rose gold material. White mother of pearl with pink lotus flower patterns. Five rows of links unparalleled luxury.


This watch small fine. When the wrist is very thin woman wearing a relative, because watch with a precious material, where in the light against the background of gorgeous shine. Whether it is daily or attend higher occasions, it is a good choice.

Clasp on this watch is without leaving any traces. Because after the integration will be able to wear the bracelet perfect. The advantage of this design is that as we watch him, but more as a bracelet to wear.

For connection between the bracelet and more perfect, watch for the lugs produced a perfect arc, to provide good protection for the wrist, but also very comfortable to wear.

Pearl Oyster Perpetual Lady log-type watch with fully developed by Rolex 2235 automatic winding mechanical movement . Like all Rolex constant motivation core, like 2235-type movement also gained recognition when the Swiss official identification meter certification, this certification specifically awarded to pass the Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) detection precision watch.


Summary: Acquaintance this watch, let you find one in the showcase. Because very kind gorgeous shine, Showcase is very easy to remember the style. Many women for their heart, and because the process is very sophisticated use of materials, the price is relatively higher. So I can not do the evaluation price, a lot of the watch itself can not be cost-effective measure to do. Because many eternal existence of things, the price is not too important.

Christmas and New Year Unisex Rolex watch recommend

The end of 2011 approaching, chosen as a holiday shiny Rolex particularly recommended brand most representative of precious metal watch men and women. Warm golden steel with dazzling diamonds, dazzling brilliance of bringing women’s watch, so that the wearer has become the focus of much attention at the end of the school team, but also a year of their accomplishments or the best reward. Rolex exclusive eternal rose gold for the world-renowned Daytona bring the latest interpretation of the current year, with elegant black alligator strap, Feng Chi Cheng Electric closed at the wrist, bring winter texture for.



Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies unique design and full of youthful femininity, watch very sophisticated technology, it is the perfect color and material crystallized exudes elegant and refined temperament. Rolex watches in accordance with the classical tradition redesigned magnificent jewel studded flashing, brightly charm without fear the test of time, long-lasting beautiful, shining moment to create a timeless legend. The unique gold watch crystal dial, ingenious interpretation of women Enchanting, the watch is completely focused. Dial material with a unique way to release the natural crystal gold charm inside. When the dial and light met, this material will be distinguished magic charm, like a brilliant light fantastic distribute, eye-catching bright, develop their watch magnificent temperament. The detachment Jin Jing dial are intricate, and ladies wearing coincides become art. In its original shine and distribute elegant dial, studded with 10 brilliant diamonds, studded with 46 precious diamond outer ring flash embraced each other, showing a noble, elegant temperament, a new interpretation of the beautiful and moving, so that each wearer everyone sight. The connotation and watch all the Rolex Oyster watch the same excellence, with constant pendulum thallium bidirectional self-winding and waterproof system; adorned with magnificent both excellent watch, while enjoying your bright now, and embrace the eternal light .



Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is the ultimate life completely advocating the creation of man and the wearer and car enthusiasts also love the way unrestrained speeding rapidly into the corners and the challenge, enjoy the speed brought unrestrained passion and performance shock. Daytona was born in 1963, and after the competition speed motor racing struck. Chronograph movement watch timing function calculates accurate short distance to 1/8 second; the outer ring speed meter scale better after a certain driving distance to speed data read immediately. Watch this impressive performance, the trust and reliable data reading efficiency performance, thus becoming racing equipment. More red engraved with the name of the famous American race track on the surface: “DAYTONA” (Daytona).

Watch with exclusive research and innovation by Rolex, with the top ceramic manufacturing CERACHROM black word circle. The latest word in 1965, adhering to the ring style design; words ring more scratch damage, corrosion and permanently glossy. On the outer scale through the PVD process, meticulous plated pink gold, so easy to read numbers. This chronometer by the Swiss precision timing centers recognized by Rolex and equipment created in the year 20,004,130 movement. The movement with column wheel and vertical cross-linked means that precise structure after years of study, making it more reliable but more simplified, is a fruitful scientific and technological Rolex watch. 4130 movement is also available in blue PARACHROM Breguet balance spring; the blue gossamer fully developed by Rolex, using the latest alloy, with highly active anti-magnetic and up to 10 times the cushioning ability. Watch for the Rolex Oyster case created 18ct rose gold eternity; surface with chocolate and gold hour hand off; and the black alligator strap with 18ct rose gold eternity insurance deduction, all designed to highlight the fine watch meticulous aesthetic process and noble qualities.

Milgauss Rolex Oyster watch Release


It is reported that presents new Rolex ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch, show unique characteristics possessed symbolic aesthetics. Launched in 2007 with the Milgauss watch industry’s first green crystal mirror, now combined with more electro-optic blue surface, reminiscent of paramagnetic technical characteristics of the classic lightning shaped second hand and watch the original models Milgauss available in the 1950s, designed for engineers and scientists and was set up. Look at the past through the green crystal mirror, see considerable electro-optical blue hue charming surface.

Engineers and technicians design of advanced watch

Since its launch, Milgauss been hold onto the position of advanced watch. In 1956 came the Milgauss, designed for engineers and technicians working in the field of environment design. Can interfere with the normal operation of the magnetic mechanical watch, but the watch but it can withstand up to 1,000 gauss (gauss) of magnetic strength, it maintained proper function and accurate count of official identification when authorized, and “mille” in French Italy one thousand, so the watch, hence the name.

This innovative anti-magnetic watch is not only famous for eligible scientists at CERN in Geneva (CERN) is worn, also known as the representatives of scientific and technological progress masterpiece. Such a powerful magnetic force, thanks to a number of innovative technologies. The first layer of protection is the Rolex patented in 1954, installed in the Oyster case of magnetic shells. This magnetic shell made of a ferromagnetic alloy, the movement will be wrapped up, to provide effective protection. The second layer of protection is to balance swing components and escapement, the two main components of the movement by the Innovation paramagnetic material made by Rolex since the 2000s began to develop.

Oyster case waterproof and sturdy symbol

Milgauss 40mm Oyster case waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet), is a robust and reliable model for. Original unique middle block solid case to have a strong anti-corrosion of 904L steel. Triangular grooved bottom by Rolex watchmaker with a special tool exclusive brand tightened so that the case is completely sealed. Winding crown is used Rolex patented waterproof Twill double lock system, securely fastened to the case. In addition, the scratch-resisting mirror green crystal manufacturing. Milgauss waterproof Oyster case providing the best protection for highly precise movement.

3131 Movement Type: Precision meter when top paramagnetic

Milgauss with fully developed by Rolex 3131 automatic winding mechanical movement. Like all Rolex constant motivation core, like 3131-type movement also gained recognition when the Swiss official identification meter certification, this certification awarded by specialized Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) detection precision watch. This watch also uses a Rolex patented components ensure consistent levels of magnetic watch and table name. Milgauss escapement assembly with paramagnetic escapement wheel made of nickel-phosphorus alloy, this means by Rolex for Research and Innovation micro parts production technology UV-LiGA made. Balance swing unit is the heart of watch parts, with the Rolex patented a unique gossamer blue Parachrom niobium zirconium alloy, than from magnetic interference, even in the face remains extremely stable temperature change, seismic force is more than the traditional gossamer 10 times higher.

Rolex Milgauss 116400GV technical parameters

Watch case

Case: Oyster case (the original piece of metal casting middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown)

Built-in magnetic shell protection movement, 40 mm

Diameter: 40 mm

Material: 904L stainless steel superalloy matte finish

Back: Rolex triangular grooved screwed caseback

Outer ring: Polished

Winding crown: screw-lock double waterproof double-lock system

Glass: Anti-scratch green crystal glass

Water depth: 100 m (330 ft)


Movement: Rolex 3131-type movement, by the constant pendulum thallium as two-way mechanical movement with automatic winding

Certification: official identification when approved meter (COSC)

Functions: Central hours, minutes and seconds, seconds pause function to accurately adjust the time

Balance swing components: frequency of 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom gossamer, Breguet end ring, stable balance wheel, paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus alloy escapement wheel, four gold trim nut, can be highly accurate adjustment school time, balance cock

Jewels: 31 rubies

Power reserve: about 48 hours


Color: blue electro

Hour mark: 18ct White Gold legible Chromalight luminous hour markers (long-lasting light-emitting)

Pointer: 18ct White Gold Chromalight luminescent hands, orange lightning shaped second hand


Style: Oyster, three rows of solid links

Material: 904L stainless steel superalloy, polished surface of the intermediate links, links on both sides of surface grinding, polishing edge

Buckle: Folding Oyster buckle easily adjusted with 5 mm links

Tasting enduring watch Rolex Datejust 116231

Rolex is a world system of watch brands , both appearance and quality, wrist watch industry are outstanding. Today we bring a Rolex Datejust series diamond watch .

While this watch belongs to the selling in the Rolex family style. It is advanced across the classic style. Official Number: 116231.

Oyster log table either male models or female models recognition rate is very high. Simple three-pin design appearance, has 2.5 times the original size enlargement calendar window on the sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Triangular grooved bezel, after these notable features since the advent acclaimed.


Crown molding on the crown is wrapped in 18K rose gold, both to ensure the appearance of this material, but also highlights the practical, small crown design beckons to detail Rolex grasp excellence.

This is a dense bottom design, highlighting the table behind a ring of gear-shaped lid edge lines, smooth and delicate, very comfortable to wear, because the table is not particularly large diameter, so manage it effortlessly.

Seen from behind will blend in with the bracelet after clasp detained. Stainless steel and 18K rose gold is an absolute natural fit. With the performance of the material on this watch practical luxury and compatibility.


Never leave the side of the crown, we see this watch is relatively shallow, not too heavy, so the wearer comfortable and casual feel. Fully stainless steel cover some matte sheen, highlighting the taste.

Rolex Oyster unique buckle with Rolex brand identity, small crown your visit to the occasion always smile cause commotion. Buckle clasp heard the soft “click” sound, is an exciting thing is.

Table ear design is relatively short, with the flexibility to chain-strap, lugs more like a part of the bracelet, integrated with steel bracelet on, easy to wear, comfortable to use.

Datejust watch many of them are Roman numerals, but this use of the top 10 diamonds set on the dial as a standard, dial pattern and rose gold bezel on merging with, so look at the watch it is very luxurious. 36 mm diameter decent table.

While this watch with a dense bottom case back design, the movement is the family of the famous Rolex 3135 automatic mechanical movement. The movement is stable, precise and very strong, very good reputation.

Rolex is the tireless pursuit of quality for all who love the table for all to see. Why it can become evergreen watch industry do? I think the secret is blending itself pursued by faith: earnest. Good styles are often out of stock, so we must identify the timing and discount time.

The interpretation of luxury brand Rolex watches


In 1914, Rolex watch a small British KEW Class A certificate issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, which is the highest level of recognition of the authority of the Observatory watches accuracy. This distinction makes the Rolex worth double the next few decades, Rolex has become a “precision” synonymous.


In 1926 after the end of World War I, Rolex introduced the world’s first waterproof and dustproof form, the famous Rolex “Oyster (OYSTER)” table. In 1927, a British woman swimmer wearing this waterproof watch across the English Channel. Full immersion in water for 15 hours, it would only Rolex still quite true, operating as usual. At the time, it was the British media as “the greatest victory of watchmaking technology.” Rolex which laid the leading position in the watch waterproof technology.

In 1931, Rolex created the later blockbuster “Perpetual (PERPETUAL)” table, for the watch industry has brought a revolution. This axis automatic table has a swing thallium, can swing a minor wrist watch movement into power, thus no manual on the chain. This was recognized as the most accurate and reliable automatic watch chain technology. In 1945 Rolex introduced the world’s first automatic conversion date can only watch, launched in 1956 with the calendar week display function, and there are 26 national languages ​​to choose from.



Rolex watches has always been known for professional features, so highly respected professionals around the world. 1955 Rolex invented the pilot watches, so that people in different time zones does not measure the exact time. In the same year, Rolex developed deep-sea divers diving tables come out of its water depth of 100 meters.

Currently, the Rolex professional watches are the following categories: explorer type Ⅱ (EXPLORERⅡ), with a 24-hour red-assisted needle, to facilitate the adventure lovers to distinguish day and night. Submariner (SUBMARINER), water depth of over 300 meters. Yacht celebrities type (YACHT MASTER), with rotating outer ring to facilitate the calculation of the time difference. Greenwich type Ⅱ (GMT MASTERⅡ), the rotating outer ring, and 24-hour indicator, not only also showed two time zones or time clock can be independently moved to another time zone, without moving the minute hand and second hand. COSMOGRAPH (COSMOGRAPH), is a multi-functional watches, can meet the engineering, sports and business and other needs.

Rolex logo originally used was a five fingers outstretched hand, the implication of its refined products entirely by hand, and later evolved into the now well known crown, demonstrating a regal Rolex in the watch industry. In the international market, the price of an ordinary Rolex watches from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 range. Although expensive, but people still believe that value for money. This is not only due to the excellent quality of Rolex, but also because it has a unique investment value. Rolex antique table “defensive” capability, an auction held in Geneva in 2002, the last emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai a worn section 1952 calendar Rolex gold watch, once 342,000 Swiss francs (then about US $ 235,400) to shoot sky-high price.

In the last century era of mechanical watches, Rolex has been a leader in the global watch industry. Today, superior technology and technology still makes the Rolex watch to maintain a leading position in the industry. Currently, the Rolex more than 20 cities in the world with branches, annual output of about 800,000, sales ranking the leading position of the Swiss watch industry.